About Us


The Academy was incorporated in March 1999 with a vision of helping others become successful in working with computers. The school’s goal was to provide students with the proper training to help them excel in the IT industry. The Academy was founded on one basic principle: to help students get a high-quality computer education at an affordable price.

Students who have graduated from The Academy’s programs have been able to find employment with the skills and knowledge they acquired at the school and be successful in a competitive job market. In 2003, The Academy was re-established to fill the need for comprehensive computer training in South Florida. At that time, public schools were the main source of computer training.

The rapid growth of technology indicated a current and future need for trained individuals to meet the demand for computer specialists. For that reason, Christopher Perez, a Microsoft certified trainer, decided to develop a computer training school to meet the needs of adult learners and companies that required computer expertise.

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Mission & Goal

The Academy’s mission is to provide students with a first-class education, hands-on experience, and a unique, personalized “student experience.” Our goal is to ensure that each student obtains the proper tools needed to start a career in the Information Technology field.

The Academy strives to provide an atmosphere that fosters professional and personal development, academic achievement, and social interaction in all its activities.

The Student Experience

The “student experience” is a signature of The Academy. The instructors and staff work hard to make each student’s time enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding. We believe that a positive environment leads to success!

Students at The Academy have the opportunity to build one-on-one relationships with instructors and staff.

From day one, Admission Representatives meet with students individually to discuss their educational goals and career objectives. Instructors also provide hands-on internship opportunities and discuss effective study habits and test-taking skills periodically.


The purpose of The Academy is to bridge the gap between students and employers through quality training and personal development. The school teaches both personal and professional skills to enable our students to live and work responsibly in a complex, changing society. The school also emphasizes the awareness of the consequences of individual actions and choices.

At The Academy, we dedicate ourselves to providing our students with a quality educational experience that leads to an enriching and profitable career. To achieve this goal, our administration, staff members, and educators understand the following:

  • Our students are the most important people in our organization.
  • We are dependent on our students, not the other way around
  • Our students are the purpose of our work.
  • All students who enter The Academy deserve respect, dignity, and recognition as the future professionals of their chosen field of study.
  • The staff at The Academy will support the student in achieving his/her personal and professional goals.
  • The only unjustified suggestion or complaint is the one that goes unspoken.

We, at The Academy, support and agree with this statement and promise to uphold these ideals to the best of our abilities.

The Academy is a private post-secondary institution that provides quality education to prepare students for specific professional fields.

The curriculum helps students find employment in their chosen disciplines by developing new skills, expanding their knowledge, and stimulating new intellectual interests.

The Academy of South Florida aims to create an atmosphere that fosters professional and personal development, academic achievement, and social interaction in all its activities.

Christopher M. Perez
Director of Operations
The Academy