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Amazon AWS Instructor-led Courses

Course NameDaysPrice
Cloud Practitioner1$500
AWS Business Essentials1$500
AWS Technical Essentials1$500
Architecting on AWS3$2095
Advanced Architecting on AWS3$1800
Developing on AWS3$1800
DevOps Engineering on AWS3$1800

Amazon AWS Self-Paced eLearning

Agile/Scrum Essentials for Practitioners - 2:24 hours
There is a lot of buzz today around Agile as a different approach to managing projects, specifically software development and implementation projects. Unfortunately, when Agile was first being introduced it was set in opposition to traditional or waterfall project management approaches. This caused an unnecessary and counterproductive riff that was mostly due to a lack of understanding and a few overzealous evangelists. Today Agile is more main stream, particularly in IT, and much of this division has started to erode. However, a comprehensive understand of the mindset of Agile over a few well known practices like the daily scrum, is foundational to truly leveraging the benefits of Agile and creating an environment that if both fun to work in and produces high quality business results. This session on Agile will give you the foundational background that will help you understand how Agile is different and why certain practices make more sense and result in more productive teams. You will see how Agile is as much of a mindset as it is a project management framework and how adopting Agile can turn your next project into a success.
Amazon Web Services, Part 1 of 8: Basics - 1:44 hours
Explore why more businesses than ever are utilizing cloud services, and why it may be time that your company considers using a cloud service, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), for its business needs. Discover what AWS can offer your business with a brief overview followed by a look at some common services to enhance your experience and utilization. Then, become familiar with the extensive yet approachable AWS support area, where nearly any question can be answered within minutes for free.
Amazon Web Services, Part 2 of 8: Security and Identity - 1:17 hours
Once you’ve realized that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the right solution for your business, it’s time to securely, and correctly, create and set up your AWS account. Discover the best way to setup your account to avoid potential pitfalls down the road, how to add new users and groups to your account, and how to best utilize roles and permissions to keep your account safe.
Amazon Web Services, Part 3 of 8: Virtual Private Cloud - 1:09 hours
As most of the resources you create in Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be inside your virtual private cloud (VPC), it’s vital that your network is correctly set up from the get-go. If not, your network may become vulnerable to security risks which could result in hacked web applications or databases, and internal resource communication may be interrupted, rendering them useless. Discover the correct way to setup a VPC using proper security measures to keep out uninvited guests.
Amazon Web Services, Part 4 of 8: Storage and Virtual Machines - 3:24 hours
The backbone to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is cloud storage, used by millions of companies around the world. Review the various AWS cloud storage offerings to figure out which is best for your business before taking a deep dive into storage options, classes, and security. Next, examine the power behind AWS's cloud services: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. With the ability to start a project in minutes, and tear is down just as quickly, EC2 instances allow you to determine your costs in minutes instead of days. Discover which types of EC2 instances are best for various uses, and how to start, add storage to, and shut down your instances. Finally, see how instances are started on Linux and Microsoft, how to connect them to SSH, and how to install software onto them.

AWS ( Amazon Web Services ) Training Classes

Amazon is a business titan and their cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services ( AWS for short ), is used by millions worldwide. With AWS one can innovate faster and be more agile. With classes at ONLC Training Centers you can easily learn AWS to start or futher a computer career with AWS.

The AWS comprehensive suite of services allows for on-demand computing. It has four core feature buckets—Compute, Storage & Content Delivery, Databases, and Networking. At a high level, you can control all of these with extensive administrative controls accessible via a secure Web client. Tools include identity management, auditing, encryption key creation/control/storage, monitoring and logging, data lakes and analytics and much more.

With ONLC’s live, instructor-led classes or self-study On-Demand training you can learn services and support, creation, security, best practices, net and content delivery, storage and object lifecycles, EC2, AWS compute, database options, cloud services, and data migration. In addition to best practices for AWS desktop applications, there are courses for AWS architecting solutions, developing in the AWS environment, and AWS system operations. This training can also be used to prep for professional AWS certification!

There are countless hiring opportunities for those with AWS skills. Companies such as Amazon, Capital One, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Netflix, Pfizer, Samsung and thousands more around the world use AWS platform, products, and services. Enroll now in AWS classes at ONLC so you’ll be ready for a future in AWS computing!

Amazon AWS Training FAQs

Public instructor-led Amazon AWS course prices start at $620 per student. Group training discounts are available.

Self-Paced Amazon AWS eLearning courses cost $400 at the starting point per student. Group purchase discounts are available.

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