e-Learning Services

E-Learning at The Academy

What are the benefits of e-learning?

E-learning is an online, interactive method for learning instruction. The benefits of e-learning at The Academy include:

  • Flexibility: e-learning accommodates students who cannot attend scheduled class times
  • Self-paced: modules can be completed at your own pace
  • Cost-savings: Cost savings as hotel, flight and/or local travel are not required

For more information please contact The Academy staff at 305-648-2000 or by email.


Live Online Class (LOC)

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LIVE ON-LINE CLASS FORMAT Policies and Guidelines We have limited availability for LOC (Live On-line Courses) which is our remote training format. If you wish to take classes in this format, we need to be notified at least 1 week prior to the start of the term. Your request may not be approved due to limited resources and classes having met maximum capacities.


  • Reliable and fast bandwidth internet connection 
  • Webcam & Audio Device
  • A computer (mobile phones and tablets are not allowed to connect to the class), preferably windows as the operative system. 
  • Chrome browser or Firefox