International Students Frequently Asked Questions

The Academy’s student body is truly a “melting pot”

The Academy’s student body is truly a “melting pot”. Individuals from all over the world are in attendance;

each working towards their goal to become I.T. Professionals. Here are some of the most Commonly Asked Questions from International Students.

How well do I need to speak English?

All of your classes will be taught in English. We do not require you to take a TOEFL, or to submit proof of your ability to communicate in English. However, you will need to read, write, speak, and understand the English language at a comfortable level.

What are the minimum requirements for acceptance to the Institute?

You must show proof of a high school diploma or equivalent from your country. No previous experience in the field of culinary arts is required.

How do I apply for admission into the Institute? How do I get my student visa?

You can apply online here or request an international application packet from your Educational Representative. Complete and sign the application, submit a copy of your high school diploma and pay the application/registration fee of $150 USD. If you are CURRENTLY enrolled in high school, you can still apply. However, acceptance is based on receipt and approval of the high school diploma.
Note: Due to the distance and costs involved, international students are NOT required to attend a personal interview for admission to the school.

The International office will issue your I20 when the following has been received and approved:

    • International Application, completed and signed
    • Academic documentation, approved for Acceptance
    • Application/Registration Fee paid
    • Financial Certification form completed and signed
    • Support documents received:

It will be YOUR responsibility to pay the SEVIS fee (according to the instructions sent with the I20) and to take the I-20 and SEVIS fee receipt to the US Embassy/Consulate for your student visa.

How long does it take to get accepted?

You are usually notified within a week to ten days after your application packet has been received and reviewed by the Institute.

What kind of housing is available?

On behalf of The Academy International division, Portfolio Investments offers a multitude of superior apartment complexes that provide Tech students with reasonable and affordable housing options in the beautiful Miami area. Our full-time, on-site Student Housing Coordinator is available to coordinate and assist with roommate referrals and offer relocation assistance and support. At The Academy and Portfolio Investments you’ll feel right at home with “the best shared housing program on the planet” For more information contact our Student Housing Coordinator at (305) 648-2000 or email sales@academyflorida.com

What are the costs for international students? How do I pay for school?

Fees are the same for all students regardless of nationality or residence. In some instances, the school may arrange a monthly or quarterly payment schedule for students who may not be able to pay the entire amount at the beginning of their program. Students must have all fees paid in full prior to completion of their program to receive their degree. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) in U.S. dollars.

Is financial aid available to international students?

International students are not eligible for U.S. Government or Institutional grants and/or loans. However, the school does accept all scholarships awarded to a student. We suggest you explore financial aid options available from the country of your citizenship.

When do classes begin?

New classes typically begin the first week in January, April, July and October.

Will I be permitted to work in the U.S. while I attend school with my student visa?

Individuals granted entrance into the U.S. on an M-1 visa are not permitted to work in the country while attending classes. However, M-1 students may obtain permission for practical training to begin only after completion of the full course of study. If practical training is authorized, the student may be granted one period of practical training, fixed at one month for every four months of a full course of study, but not exceeding a total of six months.

Individuals granted entrance into the U.S. on an F-1 visa are eligible to apply for a work authorization after completing one full-time academic year.

Individuals granted entrance into the U.S. on an M-1 visa are not permitted to work in the country while attending classes.

What type of U.S. Student Visa will be issued?

An F-1 student visa or an M-1 student visa.

Can I bring my family?

Students with an F1 student visa can bring in their spouse (husband or wife) and their children as long as they can demonstrate enough financial support for them.

What if I have more questions?

Contact one of our Educational Representatives at the telephone number below. We look forward to meeting you soon!


The Educational Representatives responsible for International Students can be contacted by email at sales@academyflorida.com (place in email “International Admissions”).