Virtualization Professional Program

Certificate of Completion
107 Clock Hours


The objective of the Virtualization Professional is to prepare a student to obtain the skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment in deploying and administering Cisco networking hardware in the field and in implementing, managing and maintaining Windows and/or Linux Operating Systems in a virtual environment. The first part of this program teaches students how to apply that knowledge in the design and implementation of complex networks using Cisco networking hardware.

The second portion of the program focuses on the technologies of VMWare explores installation, configuration and management of VMWare ESXi/ESX and vCenter Server. This program course will focus on configuration and management of storage, virtual machines and user access in the VMWare infrastructure.

Upon successful completion of the program and meeting all course requirements and financial obligations the student will be issued a certificate of program completion.


Core objectives for this program are defined by the Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) and the VMWare Certified Professional (VCP) certification examinations.

After completing the CCNA portion of the program, graduates will demonstrate knowledge of network segmentation using different hardware devices and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of logical network subdivision and its advantages and disadvantages. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to distinguish the properties of different network addresses. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to install and configure a Cisco router. Graduates will demonstrate a basic command of the Cisco internetworking operating system. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding and the ability to differentiate between the functions and capabilities of various protocols. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot common internetworking issues. Students successfully completing this program will have the knowledge and ability to perform the job of a wide area network support technician.

Upon completion of the VMWare portion of the program, graduates will be able to install and configure ESX, install and configure vCenter Server, configure and manage ESX networking and storage using vCenter Server, deploy and manage virtual machines, manage user access to the VMware infrastructure, increase scalability using vCenter Server, monitor resource usage using vCenter Server, apply patches using VMware vCenter Update Manager and manage higher availability and data protection using vCenter Server.

The objective of the VMWare Certified Professional Program is to train and prepare individuals to achieve VCP Certification by passing the following exams: