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Academy Instructor placed on EC-Council Honor Roll!

EC-Council’s Roll of Honor

EC-Council wishes to honor all of the candidates below for their outstanding performance in the EC-Council Certification Exams.

Classified InformationJohn L. Sprawls, Jr., CEH, CCNA“I have been able to move my company into a higher state of security. I have been able to do threat analysis on programs and find flaws. I have increased the Intrusion Detection system by tuning it and bringing more powerful sensors into the network. I have been able to root out several potential hackers before they could launch an attack. I have increased my knowledge 100 fold as to the threats on the internet and from people using the internet. I have taken my company to a new level of virus and spy ware detection and prevention. I have even been given a nickname of “MR. SECURITY” by some due to my Security Awareness”.
Clifton Gunderson Technology SolutionsLarry Detar, CEH|I, CISSP, CIWSA, MCSE
Senior Network Security Services Consultant
“My CEH certification allows our firm to conduct vulnerability and penetration tests for our financial institution and healthcare provider clients with much greater expertise than many of our non-certified competitors. Our clients appear to have a higher level of comfort with our testing, knowing that I have been trained and certified by an internationally recognized organization”.
Dimension Data / Morgan StanleyRyan J. Coleman / Sr. Security Analyst, MCSE, CCNP, CEH, CIW-S"My EC-Council Certification has helped me bring sound knowledge and solid security engineering practices to a number of important clients nationwide. I have been able to conduct threat analysis and source code review on Web-based applications to locate flaws, extensive firewall and IDS log analysis to identify attacks and potential false-positives. I have also implemented changes that reflect the data reviewed in the logs, such as configuring more strict IDS sensors and implementing stricter firewall ACL’s.

With the CEH certification, I have given my clients an assured sense of security, increased their security awareness, and have brought on technologies and techniques, which brings them to a whole new level of security consciousness .

My CEH certification is an incredible asset to my Firm’s IT/InfoSec department, as I am an employee of one of the worlds largest financial institutions."
FOXCMuhammad Humayun Khan
System Security Analyst/Technical Instructor
MCSE-Security, MCT, CEH, CEI, Security+
"It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to express my stance about getting CEH & CEI certificates. I have been able to progress my company keen on a higher State Of Security. My company now has amplified sources of revenue; we now offer EC Council’s courses in our company and looking forward to propose external vulnerability and penetration testing services.

In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending EC Council Courses/Certifications to any IT Professional who desires to get Security awareness in depth. I feel confident that I would be an asset to my company."
NEC Unified SolutionsMike Jones,CEH
Network Security Analyst
"My story is one of a bit of uniqueness. I was working for Verizon after leaving the military as a cryptologist and decided to prove my knowledge by getting certified. I showed up 2 days late to the course held here in Texas at SMU and could only stay a few days because my wife went into labor.....after just a few days I took the exam and passed with an 80 and have since found out that the instructor has used my website ( as a teaching aid. I now speak at security conferences and with the CEH certification have proven the knowledge needed to be a professional."
DELL Corporation
Austin, Texas
Hector Alvarez, CHFI
Enterprise & Storage Consultant
"It is my pleasure to take the time to praise the EC Council for having such a magnificent class, specifically THE Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator course taught at San Antonio, Texas from March 6 to 10, 2006. The course had an abundance of information, utilities, programs, and hands on experience. I am a consultant at Dell and we do have a lot of technical training, but I must comment that this one is one of the best trainings I have seen in several years.

I also want to take the time to praise my Course Instructor Haja Mohideen. We were so fortunate to have the creator of the course in person. It was a true privilege, first time in my life time, and I started working in the IT Field in 1978. Everybody that I did talk was completely impressed with his talent.

I will definitively recommend this course to all my colleagues."
IndividualKeith Burgess, CEH"I passed the CEH exam! you (EC-Council) did an excellent job designing a difficult exam! I am happy to see that those who have passed will hold some credit in the industry."
IndividualRyan O’Connell, MCSA, MCSE Security Specialist, MCBA, CCNA, CCDA, CCA, MCT, CEH and EC-Council Instructor"CEH from EC-Council become the most wanted security certificates nowadays. Being CEH certified help me as a Security Instructor to understand. The techniques and tools used by crackers for breaching the security. We were able to develop smart ethical hacking and countermeasures, based on the CEH training I received."
Director of Threat Research
AFENTIS Security
Mr Sam Patel
"Threats to information infrastructures continue to evolve – increasing in efficiency, sophistication and damage potential. Appliances such as firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) can only go so far towards mitigating the threat. The secret to real security is blending people, policy and processes to safeguard that which is deemed critical and of value. The C|EH from the EC-Council is a pragmatic scheme that bridges the divide between textbook theory and real world application. The C|EH allows security specialists to demonstrate a depth of knowledge about hacking methodologies and key tools employed in computer misuse/abuse."
The Academy of South Florida, Inc.Gustavo Gonzalez - CEI, CEH, MCT, MCSE+Sec+Mssg, MCSA+Sec+Mssg, MCP, CCNA, Security+, Network+ and A+. Systems Administrator - Instructor."The EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker Program is the Absolute Best in the IT World. It made me able to test my company's network security and specially the Wireless Security which is a big concern for our business since we provide access to all our students to wireless internet. Thank you for "Open my eyes" and bring the reality that we only see in Movies. I'm proud to be a Certified Ethical Hacker".

Thank you very much..."