Introduction to 802.1X Operations for Cisco® Security Professionals – Course Outline

802.1X v1.0

 (3 days)
Version 1.0
Introduction to 802.1X Operations for Cisco Security Professionals (802.1X) v1.0 is a newly created three-day course designed to prepare Cisco Channel Partners, systems engineers, and implementers with the knowledge and hands-on experience to prepare them to configure Cisco TrustSec solutions based on Cisco Identity Services module, Cisco Catalyst switches, and Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers.

The goal of the course is to provide students with foundational knowledge in the capabilities and functions of the IEEE 802.1X protocol and the ability to configure the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for 802.1X operation.

The course will introduce the architecture, components, and features of a Cisco TrustSec network designed around the IEEE 802.1X and RADIUS protocols.

The student will gain hands-on experience with configuring a network for 802.1X-based network servicesusing the Cisco ISE, Cisco Catalyst switches, and Cisco wireless products.

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
• Describe identity-based networking concepts and components
• Define the components and processes of port-based authentication
• Identify the 802.1X components and their interrelation at a high level
• Identify requirements and options for non-supplicant devices
• Position individual components of an 802.1X network and identify compatibilities

This section lists the skills and knowledge that learners must possess to benefit fully from the course. This section includes recommended Cisco learning offerings that the learners may complete to benefit fully from this course, including the following:
• Cisco CCNA
• Attendance of Securing Networks with Routers and Switches (SNRS) or equivalent knowledge
• Knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory
• Knowledge of Cisco wireless LAN controllers and lightweight access points
• Knowledge of basic command-line configuration of Cisco Catalyst switches

Who Should Attend
The primary audience for this course is as follows:
• Cisco Channel Partner systems engineers and field engineers that are seeking to meet the education requirements to attain Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) authorization to sell Cisco ISE.

The secondary audience for this course is as follows:
• Security architects, design engineers, and others seeking hands-on experience with Cisco TrustSec 802.1X deployments with Cisco ISE.

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Course Outline

• Module 0: Course Introduction

• Module 1: Cisco TrustSec
• Lesson 1: Surveying Cisco TrustSec
• Lesson 2: Surveying Cisco TrustSec Architecture Components

• Module 2: Port-Based Authentication
• Lesson 1: Surveying the IEEE 802.1X Standard
• Lesson 2: Surveying 802.1X and EAP
• Lesson 3: Describing the Role of RADIUS in EAP Communications

• Module 3: Configure Devices for 802.1X Operation
• Lesson 1: Identifying 802.1X Components and Topologies
• Lesson 2: Configuring Cisco ISE for 802.1X
• Lesson 3: Configuring Network Devices for 802.1X
• Lesson 4: Configuring Supplicants for 802.1X Operation

• Module 4: Configure Guest Access
• Lesson 1: Configuring Cisco TrustSec for Non-Supplicant Devices
• Lesson 2: Configuring Cisco WebAuth for Non-Supplicant Devices

• Module 5: Design Cisco TrustSec Networks with Cisco ISE and 802.1X
• Lesson 1: Identifying Component Compatibilities with 802.1X
• Lesson 2: Reviewing 802.1X Design Considerations That Impact Implementation
• Lesson 3: Reviewing Scalable 802.1X Architectures

Lab Outline
• Lab 1-0: Accessing the Lab Equipment
• Lab 1-1: Configuring Cisco ISE, Switch, WLC, and Clients
• Lab 2-1: Configuring Authentication Using Web Authentication Designing an End-to-End High-Level Cisco TrustSec Network with Cisco ISE and 802.1X

*Implement Cisco Digital Media Players