CAD and Design eLearning Bundle Course

Course Overview

This eLearning bundle consists of these 82 courses in 4 different categories:

  • Autodesk Courses: Gain a solid understanding of a wide variety of Autodesk software, including Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor, Civil 3D, and Vault
  • BIM Courses: Learn how BIM is utilized within different industries such as Architecture, MEP, and Structural Engineering
  • Leadership Courses: Develop management solutions for every day difficulties in the workplace, from stress to problem solving
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Courses: Prepare for the LEED Green Associate Exam offered by the US Green Building Council (USGBC)/Green Business Certification Incorporated (GBCI)

Course Topics

Adobe Acrobat DC: Getting Started – 5h


Adobe Illustrator CC: Level 1 – 10h


Adobe Illustrator CC: Level 2 – 8h


Adobe InDesign CC: Level 1 – 15h


Adobe Photoshop CC: Level 1- 15h


Autodesk 3ds Max: Advanced Concepts – 10h


Autodesk 3ds Max: New for 2022 – 30m


Autodesk 3ds Max: The Complete Guide – 35h


Autodesk AutoCAD: 2D – Drafting and Annotation – 40h


Autodesk AutoCAD: 3D – 40h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Advanced – 40h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Architecture – 25h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Civil 3D – Advanced Concepts – 16h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Civil 3D – New for 2022 – 2h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Civil 3D – The Complete Guide – 50h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Electrical – 30h


Autodesk AutoCAD: LT – 40h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Mechanical – 20h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) – 35h


Autodesk AutoCAD: New for 2022 – 1h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Plant 3D – The Complete Guide – 35h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Plant 3D – New for 2022 – 1h


Autodesk AutoCAD: Raster Design – 10h


Autodesk BIM 360 – 1h 30m


Autodesk FormIt – 6h


Autodesk Fusion 360 – 20h


Autodesk Fusion Team – 16h


Autodesk InfraWorks: New for 2022 – 30m


Autodesk InfraWorks: The Complete Guide – 16h


Autodesk Inventor: iLogic – 6h


Autodesk Inventor: New for 2022 – 1h


Autodesk Inventor: Routed Systems – 20h


Autodesk Inventor: The Complete Guide – 45h


Autodesk Nastran In-CAD – 10h


Autodesk Navisworks: Manage – 30h


Autodesk Navisworks: Simulate – 30h


Autodesk ReCap Pro – 20h


Autodesk Revit: Advanced Concepts – 20h


Autodesk Revit: Architecture – 45h


Autodesk Revit: Families – 10h


Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing – 30h


Autodesk Revit: New for 2022 – 1h


Autodesk Revit: Structure – Advanced Concepts – 25h


Autodesk Revit: Structure – The Complete Guide – 25h


Autodesk Vault: Basic – 10h


Autodesk Vault: Professional – 25h


Autodesk Vault: Workgroup – 16h


Bluebeam Revu 2018: Fundamentals – 10h


Bluebeam Revu 2018: Intermediate – 10h


Building Information Modeling (BIM) Track: Project Administrator – Hub Manager – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM) Track: Why BIM Track? – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): 101 – Introduction – 1h 30m


Building Information Modeling (BIM): 102 – Collaborative BIM – 4h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): 110 – for Architects – 1h 30m


Building Information Modeling (BIM): 120 – for Contractors – 1h 30m


Building Information Modeling (BIM): 130 – for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Engineers – 1h 30m


Building Information Modeling (BIM): 140 – for the Owner’s Team – 1h 30m


Building Information Modeling (BIM): 150 – for Structural Engineers – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): Acronyms – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): Appointing Party Documentation – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): Being the Best BIM Manager – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): Building Contracts – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): Collaborative Working – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): Dimensions and Documents – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): During an Asset Lifecycle – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): Functions and Roles – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): Fundamental Concepts – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): ISO 19650 Summarized – 1h


Building Information Modeling (BIM): Terminology – 1h 30m


Dassault Solidworks: Essentials – 8h


Grasshopper: Level 1 (Twisty Tower) – 5h


Sustainable Practices: Introduction – 1h


Green Accreditation: Introduction – 1h


MicroStation SELECT: Series 3 – Introduction – 4h


Revizto: A Technical Introduction – 1h


Revizto: Best Practices and Workflows – 1h


Revizto: Specialized Workflow Training – 1h


Revizto: Tool Based Tutorials – 3h


Rhino 5: Level 1 – 15h


Rhino 5: Level 2 – 15h


Rhino 5: Level 3 – 15h


SketchUp Basics – 1h