CompTIA Security+ eLearning Bundle Course

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn how to explain threat actors and threat intelligence, about comparing security roles and security controls, and perform security assessments in order to identify social engineering attacks or malware. Gain knowledge on basic cryptographic concepts, authentication controls, data privacy, account management, network security protocols, and many other topics.

SY0-701 Security+ is a beneficial cyber security-specific certification for IT job candidates to hold, often being the first instance where candidates learn to identify and handle InfoSec threats. Students will learn the best real-world troubleshooting practices for identifying and handling cybersecurity incidents. It is recommended that students complete CompTIA A+ training and CompTIA Network+ Training before beginning this course.

Course Topics

CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 – 15:00 hours

– This course will prepare students to take the SY0-601 CompTIA Security+ Certification exam
– Perform security assessments and identify social engineering attacks and malware types
– Implement identity and account management controls
– Implement secure network designs, network security appliances, and secure network protocols
– Summarize risk management concepts and implement cybersecurity resilience

Module 1: Information Security Roles Security Control and Framework Types

Module 2: Explain Threat Actor Types, Attack Vectors, and Intelligence Sources

Module 3: Organizational Security, Network Reconnaissance, General Vulnerability Types, Penetration Testing

Module 4: Social Engineering, Indicators of Malware Attacks

Module 5: Cryptography

Module 6: Certificates and PKI

Module 7: Authentication

Module 8: Identity and Accounts, Authorization, Personnel Policies

Module 9: Network Design and Hardware (Part1)

Module 10: Network Hardware (Part2)

Module 11: Network Protocols

Module 12: Endpoint Security

Module 13: Mobile Devices

Module 14: Indicators of Attacks, Intro to Secure Coding, Scripting, Deployment, and Automation

Module 15: Secure Coding, Scripting, Deployment, Cloud, and Virtualization

Module 16: Privacy and Data Protection

Module 17: Incident Response

Module 18: Forensics

Module 19: Risk Management and Business Impact Analysis

Module 20: Redundancy and Backup Strategies

Module 21: Physical Security

Module 22: Afterword