Certified Risk Management Framework Analyst: C)RMFA/C)CSFO

C)RMFA/C)CSFO: Certified Risk Management Framework Analyst Training


Duration: 4 days

About the Course

Risk Management Framework Analyst training quantifies the process of certifying, reviewing, and accrediting an information system by IT professionals.

Specifically, this course was created as a standard  to measure the set of skills that specific members of an organization are required to have for the practice of certifying, reviewing, and accrediting the security of information systems. Specifically his training was designed for the individuals who are responsible for creating and implementing the process used to evaluate risk and institute security baselines and requirements. These critical decisions will be essential in making sure that the security of the information systems outweighs the potential risks to an organization from any internal or external threats.

Audience Profile

  • IS Security Officers
  • IS Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Auditors
  • Information Systems Owners
  • IS Control Assessors
  • System Managers
  • Government Employees

What’s included?

  • Authorized Courseware
  • Intensive Hands on Skills Development with an Experienced Subject Matter Expert
  • Hands-on practice on real Servers and extended lab support 1.800.482.3172
  • Examination Vouchers & Onsite Certification Testing- (excluding Adobe and PMP Boot Camps)
  • Academy Code of Honor: Test Pass Guarantee
  • Optional: Package for Hotel Accommodations, Lunch and Transportation

With several convenient training delivery methods offered, The Academy makes getting the training you need easy. Whether you prefer to learn in a classroom or an online live learning virtual environment, training videos hosted online, and private group classes hosted at your site. We offer expert instruction to individuals, government agencies, non-profits, and corporations. Our live classes, on-sites, and online training videos all feature certified instructors who teach a detailed curriculum and share their expertise and insights with trainees. No matter how you prefer to receive the training, you can count on The Academy for an engaging and effective learning experience.


  • Instructor-Led (the best training format we offer)
  • Live Online Classroom – Online Instructor-Led
  • Self-Paced Video

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  • Module 0: Introduction
    • Logistics
    • Introduction
    • Class Rules
    • The ISCAP Credential
    • What information will be covered?
    • Relationship to Other Processes
    • Changes in Terminology
    • Understanding the Risk Management Framework
    • NIST SP800-37 Rev1
    • Emphasis of SP800-37
    • Multi-tiered Risk Management
    • The Risk Management Framework
    • What information will be covered?
    • Summary
  • Module 1: Introduction to the RMF
  • Module 2: Software Development Life Cycle
  • Module 3: RMF Phase 1 – Prepare
  • Module 4: RMF Phase 2 – Categorize
  • Module 5: RMF Phase 3 – Select
  • Module 6: RMF Phase 4 – Implement
  • Module 7: RMF Phase 5 – Assess
  • Module 8: RMF Phase 6 – Authorize
  • Module 9: RMF Phase 7 – Monitor

Case Study Labs

  • Lab 1: RMF Structure
  • Lab 2: RMF Integration into the SDLC
  • Lab 3: Implementation: Prepare
  • Lab 4: Implementation: Categorize
  • Lab 5: Implementation: Select
  • Lab 6: Implementation: Implement
  • Lab 7: Implementation: Assess
  • Lab 8: Implementation: Authorize
  • Lab 9: Implementation: Monitor