DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals


Duration: 1 days

This one-day boot camp offers students interested in Azure Data Fundamentals the opportunity to learn the basic cloud data services and gain foundational knowledge on cloud data services using Microsoft Azure. Students are guided through identifying and describing core data concepts such as relational, non-relational, big data, and analytics. Student are given an in-depth exploration of how to implement this technology with Microsoft Azure. Roles, tasks, and responsibilities of data are also explored.

Student who completes this Boot Camp will be able to:

  • Describe core data concepts in Azure
  • Explain concepts of relational data in Azure
  • Explain concepts of non-relational data in Azure
  • Identify components of a modern data warehouse in Azure


Module 1: Explore core data concepts


  • Explore core data concepts
  • Explore roles and responsibilities in the world of data
  • Describe concepts of relational data
  • Explore concepts of non-relational data
  • Explore concepts of data analytics


Module 2: Explore relational data in Azure

  • Explore relational data offerings n Azure
  • Explore Provisioning and deploying relational database offerings in Azure
  • Query relational data in Azure


Module 3: Explore non-relational data in Azure

  • Explore non-relational data offerings in Azure
  • Explore provisioning and deploying non-relational data services on Azure
  • Manage non-relational data stores in Azure


Module 4: Explore modern data warehouse analytics in Azure

  • Examine components of a modem data warehouse
  • Explore data ingestion in Azure
  • Explore data storage and processing in Azure
  • Get started building with Power BI