Electronic Communications eLearning Bundle Course

Course Overview

This eLearning bundle consists of these 5 courses:

  • Email Etiquette: 01. To Email or Not To Email?
  • Email Matters: Internal Customer Service
  • Effective Email Writing & Office Communication Tips
  • Effective Communications – Electronic Communications
  • Business Email Etiquette

Course Topics

Email Etiquette: 01. To Email or Not To Email? – 2 minutes

We often default to email because we can get it anywhere. It’s on our desktop, laptop, phones, tablets, and watches! It’s become our “go to” for communication, but email isn’t always the best way to communicate. There’s still value in meeting face-to-face or talking over the phone, and there’s still risk in communicating without the help of nonverbal cues and voice tone. In this program, we’ll discuss the different things that you need to consider before drafting an email.

Email Matters: Internal Customer Service – 8 minutes

This course teaches you how to distinguish between internal and external customers and familiarizes you with the concept of “WACTEO” (We Are Customers to Each Other). We’ll go over this concept in detail and discuss the importance of using the same communication tools whether dealing with internal or external customers. You’ll be able to easily identify internal and external customers and see the benefits of offering the highest quality of service to both. We’ll also provide practical tips for writing effective emails to all your various customers.

Effective Email Writing & Office Communication Tips – 8 minutes

This microlearning module is all about Office Communication. In this module you’ll learn how to write effective emails, make longer emails more digestible and many more office communication tips.

Effective Communications – Electronic Communications – 14 minutes

Organizations use emails as the effective way of communicating with business clients, partners, employees, and public. However, this mode of communication comes with its own challenges. One cannot be sure that conveyed message was received as intended. It is important for a leader to periodically review how to communicate with employees, peers, clients, and superiors. Correct usage of electronic communication has the power to make business people more efficient. In this course, you will learn to use emails optimally and only when essential.

Business Email Etiquette – 30 minutes

Learn how to compose e-mails that use proper etiquette and discover how a well-composed e-mail can impact your performance, perception, and professional success. Much of business communication today is conducted through e-mail, and establishing best practices is an important part of maintaining a professional image. You’ll learn the essential parts of an e-mail and discover how to properly use each section, define appropriate salutations, closings and signatures, and understand the importance of tone and context. The course also helps with determining when e-mail might not be the best choice for communication. This 30-minute course includes self-reflection tools, quizzes and a final exam to help you quickly improve your business e-mail communication style. Real-life scenarios show how approaches can be implemented seamlessly into your everyday work routine.