OP-Copilot: Introduction to Microsoft Copilot


Duration: 1 day

About this Course

*This is a half-day course (4 hours)*

Welcome to Introduction to Microsoft Copilot, a course expertly designed for Office 365 users. This training is ideal for professionals who rely on Microsoft Office applications and seek to enhance their productivity through AI-driven assistance.

As today’s office environments become more dynamic and data-driven, leveraging tools like Microsoft Copilot to streamline workflows and automate tasks is increasingly vital.

In this course, participants will explore the extensive capabilities of Microsoft Copilot, learning to integrate its advanced AI features across various Microsoft Office applications.

Through interactive modules and hands-on exercises, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how Copilot not only enhances productivity but also supports complex tasks such as data analysis, document formatting, and workflow automation.

Audience Profile

This course is ideal for Office 365 users looking to enhance their productivity and streamline their workflows using Microsoft Copilot’s advanced AI capabilities.

At Course Completion

Understand Copilot’s Role: Grasp how Microsoft Copilot integrates with and enhances the functionality of Office applications like Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Explore Copilot’s Features: Dive into the AI-powered features of Copilot, understanding its capabilities in assisting with tasks like writing, formatting, and data analysis.

Maximize Office 365 Productivity: Learn to apply Copilot’s tools to improve workflow efficiency and productivity in your daily tasks.

Navigate Integration and Automation:
 Master the integration of Copilot across Office applications, utilizing its features to automate and streamline operations.

Interactive Learning Experience:
 Engage in practical exercises and interactive learning modules designed to equip you with hands-on experience using Copilot effectively.


Participants should have basic familiarity with Microsoft Office applications and general computer proficiency.

What’s included?

  • Authorized Courseware
  • Intensive Hands on Skills Development with an Experienced Subject Matter Expert
  • Hands-on practice on real Servers and extended lab support 1.800.482.3172
  • Examination Vouchers & Onsite Certification Testing- (excluding Adobe and PMP Boot Camps)
  • Academy Code of Honor: Test Pass Guarantee
  • Optional: Package for Hotel Accommodations, Lunch and Transportation

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  • Live Online Classroom – Online Instructor-Led
  • Self-Paced Video

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What is Microsoft Copilot?
-Overview of Copilot’s AI-powered assistance and productivity features.
-Introduction to Copilot’s integration with Microsoft Office applications.

Key Features
-Exploring key features for enhancing productivity in Office 365.
-How Copilot assists with tasks such as writing, formatting, data analysis, and automation.

Benefits of Using Copilot
-Discussing the benefits for Office 365 users.
-How Copilot streamlines workflows and improves productivity.

Integration with Office Applications
-Copilot in Microsoft Teams
-Features and assistance in Teams for messaging, meetings, and collaboration.
-Copilot in Word
-Assisting with writing, formatting, and document creation.
-Copilot in Excel
-Features for data entry, analysis, visualization, and automation.
-Copilot in PowerPoint
-Enhancing slide creation, design, and presentation capabilities.
-Copilot in Outlook
-Features for email management, calendar organization, and task management.

Best Practices and Tips
-Productivity Tips with Copilot
-Sharing best practices and tips for maximizing productivity.
-Strategies for efficient use of Copilot features across Office applications.
-Troubleshooting and Support
-Providing guidance on troubleshooting common issues and errors.
-Exploring support resources and documentation for Copilot users.