Outlook 365 eLearning Bundle Course

Course Overview

This eLearning bundle includes three Microsoft Outlook 365 courses:

  • Outlook 365: Beginner
  • Outlook 365: Advanced
  • Microsoft 365: Outlook Web App

Course Topics

Outlook 365: Beginner – 3 hrs 38 min

This course is designed to teach students the basics of Microsoft Outlook 365 and help them gain familiarity with the Outlook environment and basic functionality. Students will learn the basics of email, how to use the Help feature, how to create and send messages, and how to work with attachments. Students will also learn organizational techniques through the use of folders, views, categories, flags, and searching. Additionally, students will review printing options, automatic replies, contact creation and management, calendar use and management, task and note creation and management, message options, and email signatures.

• Learn the basics of Microsoft Outlook
• Create and Send Messages
• Organize Mail with Folders
• Manage and Organize the Outlook Mailbox
• Manage the Calendar, Tasks and Notes
• Increase Efficiency with Outlook


Outlook 365: Advanced – 2 hrs 13 min

In this course, students will expand upon their existing knowledge and learn and use advanced features of Microsoft Outlook 365. Students will modify and manage message options, track and delivery options, voting options, contact options, calendar options, and other advanced Outlook features. Students will also review rules and automation, cleanup commands, sharing options, advanced graphic options, junk mail options, import and export features, and how to back up their Outlook data.

• Modify and manage message options
• Review track, delivery and voting options
• Review contact and calendar options
• Review rules and automation
• Learn cleanup commands, sharing options and advanced graphic options
• Learn junk mail options and import and export features
• How to back up Outlook data.


Microsoft 365: Outlook Web App – 2 hrs 42 min

This comprehensive course teaches you how to use the Office 365 Outlook Web App and covers both basic functions and more advanced features. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the Outlook web environment, you’ll review the basics of Outlook email, including attaching files, formatting text, and working with the conversation view. Next, you’ll learn how to manage your mailbox by using Sweep and creating and editing rules that automate actions. You’ll explore effective ways of organizing your mail by using folders and the Clutter feature, and gain tips on managing your contacts and customizing your Outlook web environment. You’ll also learn about creating meetings and working with shared calendars.

• Work with email by attaching files, formatting text, and using the conversation view
• Manage your mailbox by using Sweep and creating and editing rules
• Organize your mailbox by using folders and the Clutter feature
• Search and view contacts, and add new contacts directly from email messages
• Schedule appointments and share your calendar with colleagues