Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow): Level 1-Designing Modern Forms and Workflows


Duration: 3 days

During this three-day course student will learn how to design, test and publish new applications that work with various sources of data.

Student will be taken through a selection of well-designed lessons to help them build new applications for their business.


This boot camp is intended for intermediate to advanced users, business analysts, and even developers looking for an easy and quick way to create interactive forms that may need to initiate a business process or workflow.


Is it recommended that student has previous experience in using Office 365


Module 1: An introduction to Microsoft PowerApps


  • What is PowerApps?
  • The Benefits of Apps
  • How to get to PowerApps?
  • Canvas Apps and Model-Driven Apps
  • License Options and Costs


Module 2: Getting Started with PowerApps

  • Discover PowerApps with templates
  • Building a new app with a data source
  • Add, edit and remove controls
  • Testing an App
  • App Settings
  • Publish and share an App
  • Mobile App


Module 3: Branding an Media

  • Linking control properties
  • Backgrounds
  • Colours and transparency
  • Duplicating Screens
  • Copying the look and feel
  • Using Images
  • Embed and play audio and video


Module 4: PowerApp Controls

  • Labels
  • Buttons Text inputs
  • Controls Galleries
  • Data Tables
  • Forms
  • Media
  • Charts Icons


Module 5: Data Sources and Logic

  • Working with files
  • Databases Filter, Sort and search formulas
  • If and Select
  • Accessing on-premises sources
  • The common data course
  • Sharing data sources


Module 6: Model-Driven Apps

  • What is a model-driven App?
  • Where will my data be stored?
  • How to create a model-driven App
  • Canvas vs model-driven summary
  • Mobile App


Module 7: PowerApps Integration

  • Start a Flow from a PowerApp
  • Embed PowerApps in Teams
  • Embed PowerApps in SharePoint Online


Module 8: Administration and Maintenance

  • Maintaining an App
  • View Analytics
  • Export and Import Apps
  • Office 365 Administration for PowerApps
  • Environments
  • Data Policies
  • Data integration


Module 9: An Introduction to Microsoft Flow

  • What is Microsoft Flow?
  • The Benefits of Automation
  • How to get to Flow


Module 10: Getting Started with Flow

  • Using Flow Templates
  • Navigating in Flow
  • Editing a Flow
  • Publish and Trigger a Flow
  • Turn off or Delete a Flow


Module 11: Flow Logic

  • Adding Covered Adding Conditions
  • Designing Switches
  • Using Apply to Each
  • Configuring do until logic
  • Adding a scope


Module 12: Integration

  • Standard and premium connectors
  • Connecting to web services
  • Using Flow with on-premises data


Module 13: The Mobile App

  • Downloading the Mobile App
  • Signing in and Account Management
  • Building and managing Flows
  • Creating Buttons
  • Feeds and Approvals


Module 14: Administration and Maintenance

  • Maintaining a Flow
  • View history and analytics
  • Sharing a Flow
  • Export and Import Flows
  • Export and Import Flows
  • Office 365 administration for Flow
  • Environments
  • Data Policies
  • Data Integration