Project 2016/2019: Part 2 – Advanced (eLearning) Course

Course Overview

Boost your Project 2016 skills and expertise with this user-friendly training course designed to help you take full advantage of Microsoft’s powerful project management software. The course outlines different ways to update task information to keep your project data current and accurate, and how to monitor progress with tables, views, filters, sorting, and more. You’ll also learn about premade, custom, and visual reports, along with features that make it easy to work and collaborate on multiple projects. The 1.75-hour course features step-by-step, narrated video demonstrations which you can view at your own pace by selecting from a convenient menu bar. A suite of downloadable files come included so you can follow along with the lessons and put your new skills into action. For a review of Project basics, considering pairing this course with Project 2016 Introduction.

Course Topics

Project 2016 – Advanced – 1:41 hours


• Update task information to keep your project data current
• Monitor your projects with ease using a variety of tools and features
• Create pre-made, custom, and visual reports to assess and communicate project details
• Manage multiple projects using features for enhanced efficiency and collaboration


Updating Task Information
Monitoring a Project
Working with Project Reports
Working with Other Projects