Remote Work for All Employees eLearning Bundle Course

Course Overview

This eLearning bundle consists of these 5 courses:

  • Working Remotely
  • Being a Good Virtual Teammate
  • How to succeed at remote work
  • Working From Home: Strategies for Remote Employees
  • Collaborating In Office 365 – Beginner

Course Topics

Working Remotely – 7 minutes

Research shows that around half of the American workforce holds jobs that are compatible with remote work, meaning they don’t need to be in an office to do their jobs. Millions of these people are working from home for at least half of each week. In fact, since 2005, working from home (for those not self-employed) has grown by over 100%. Working remotely offers plenty of benefits, not just to the employee doing the remote work, but to the organization allowing them to do it in the first place. In order to take advantage of those benefits, you need to be a successful remote employee.

Being a Good Virtual Teammate – 10 minutes

Since working from home can be isolating, it’s essential we make the effort, and work with others to minimize the communication and team building challenges. This course will help you know what you need to do to build relationships with your teammates, become a contributing team member, and reduce the social isolation that can come with working from home.

How to succeed at remote work – 15 minutes

All the essentials for successful remote working. What you will need to succeed.
Working remotely: issues and challenges
My space and layout
The organizational challenge
The relational challenge
Live my life as a remote worker

Working From Home: Strategies for Remote Employees – 20 minutes

When imagining telecommuting, many people envision a relaxed day of working at home in their pajamas. However, this probably isn’t the best approach. Telecommuting definitely offers a lot of freedom, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your work responsibilities. This course will help you decide if telecommuting is a good fit for you and then provide some strategies for being effective as a remote employee.

Collaborating In Office 365 – Beginner – 1 hour 12 minutes

reate, share, solicit feedback and collaborate on projects with other individuals by using the many interactive features available in Office 365. You will learn how to share your work with others, set up conversations and share files. You’ll also learn how to download the Office 365 apps to your smartphone or tablet for uninterrupted access to files, as well as how to hold virtual meetings through Skype and OneNote.

This introductory course takes you through the main features of Office 365 collaboration and shows you how you can access and apply them to any project.