Scrum eLearning Bundle Course

Course Overview

This eLearning Bundle includes these 4 courses:

  • Agile/Scrum Essentials for Practitioners
  • Scrum Master, Parts 1-2
  • Scrum Product Owner, Parts 1-2
  • Scrum Developer, Parts 1-2

Course Topics

Agile/Scrum Essentials for Practitioners – 2:24 hours

There is a lot of buzz today around Agile as a different approach to managing projects, specifically software development and implementation projects. Unfortunately, when Agile was first being introduced it was set in opposition to traditional or waterfall project management approaches. This caused an unnecessary and counterproductive riff that was mostly due to a lack of understanding and a few overzealous evangelists. Today Agile is more main stream, particularly in IT, and much of this division has started to erode. However, a comprehensive understand of the mindset of Agile over a few well known practices like the daily scrum, is foundational to truly leveraging the benefits of Agile and creating an environment that if both fun to work in and produces high quality business results. This session on Agile will give you the foundational background that will help you understand how Agile is different and why certain practices make more sense and result in more productive teams. You will see how Agile is as much of a mindset as it is a project management framework and how adopting Agile can turn your next project into a success.


Scrum Master, Part 1 of 2: Waterfall to Agile – 1:28 hours

Explore the history of the Waterfall method, a linear software management framework, and discover what projects work well with it. Compare Waterfall to the incremental delivery framework Agile and discover which projects are conducive to each framework. Become familiar with the Agile philosophy, core values, and principles as well as what circumstances Agile shines best in.


Scrum Master, Part 2 of 2: Artifacts and Sprints – 1:12 hours

Explore the three roles, three artifacts, and four ceremonies to manage software development that make up Scrum. Discover how these principles interact with the Scrum implementation of the Agile framework with examples of how the ceremonies work. Understand the importance of changing the culture and behavior of the organization to reap the maximum benefits from Agile and why it is a key factor in Scrum.


SCRUM Product Owner, Part 1 of 2: Overview and Principles – 2:21 hours

In SCRUM Product Owner you’ll learn to drive optimal business value, provide clarity to the team about priorities, objectives and business alignment. This course will talk about the role of product owner, requirements, prioritized product backlog. overview, roles, estimates, product backlog, release plan and user groups.


SCRUM Product Owner, Part 2 of 2: Change and Sprints – 1:09 hours

In SCRUM Product Owner the product owner serves as voice of the customer to drive solutions in the context of business value. This course will discus change and quality, risk, sprint planning, review and deliverables.


SCRUM Developer, Part 1 of 2: Concepts and Roles – 1:25 hours

Scrum Developer introduces the core activities of SCRUM. This course will introduce you to the core principles, values and solutions for collaboration and teams. It will highlight Value based priority of features and go over concepts and principles, phases, vision, release planning and backlog.


SCRUM Developer, Part 2 of 2: Implementation and Review – 1:09 hours

SCRUM Developer introduces the core activities of SCRUM. Starting with the fundamental concept of iterative development, collaborate with stakeholders and manage risks. The SCRUM concepts covered will be user stories, tasks, daily standup. manage sprint backlog, retrospect and review.