SharePoint 2016/365 End User eLearning Bundle Course

Course Overview

This eLearning bundle includes these 5 courses: Microsoft 365: SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365: SharePoint Site User, Microsoft 365: SharePoint Site Owner, SharePoint 2016: Site User and SharePoint 2016: Site Owner.

Course Topics

Microsoft 365: SharePoint Sites – 2 hours 10 minutes

Learn how to use SharePoint in Microsoft Office 365. This training course focuses on the platform’s core document management and collaboration features, along with what’s unique to this cloud-based version. The course covers how to create a SharePoint site, work with SharePoint libraries and lists, customize your SharePoint experience, configure security permissions, and more. You’ll also learn about innovative new features and changes to the SharePoint user interface in Office 365 designed for enhanced functionality.

This course is part of our comprehensive 5-part Office 365 training bundle. It features clear step-by-step visual demonstrations from a SharePoint expert for an easy learning experience.

Develop confidence and skill for setting up a new SharePoint site
Work with SharePoint Libraries and Lists to manage your documents and data
Optimize your SharePoint experience with custom settings
Configure permissions to ensure your sites and files are secure
Take advantage of new features and enhancements unique to SharePoint for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365: SharePoint Site User – 3 hours 47 minutes

This course is designed to teach students an overview of end-user SharePoint interface and functionality. Students will also work with document libraries, work with lists and items, work with various views, update their personal profiles, use the Newsfeed, and learn about SharePoint. This course has an assessment which may be required for a certificate to be generated.

Learn the difference between modern and classic view
How to work with libraries
Document Version Control
Search for content
Sync files
Learn basics of permissions
Work with lists
Set alerts

Microsoft 365: SharePoint Site Owner – 5 hours 18 minutes

This course is designed to teach students an overview of SharePoint Site Owner roles and responsibilities. Students will learn to add and configure sites, create and configure libraries and lists, create and customize columns, and manage content types. Students will also learn to manage permissions and permission levels, create and modify site pages and work with navigation and regional settings. This course has an assessment which may be required for a certificate to be generated.

Add and configure sites
Create and configure libraries and lists
Create and customize columns
Manage content types
Manage permissions and permission levels
Create and modify site pages
Work with navigation and regional settings

SharePoint 2016: Site User – 4 hours 31 minutes

Designed for newcomers to SharePoint, this training course provides an in-depth introduction to Microsoft’s multipurpose document management and collaboration platform for the workplace. To begin, we’ll familiarize you with the user interface. From there, you’ll learn about SharePoint’s most valuable features and functions, including document libraries and SharePoint lists. You’ll also discover how to enhance your SharePoint experience with custom settings, work more efficiently using integration with Microsoft Office, and boost your visibility with a curated personal profile and newsfeed.

Navigate the SharePoint 2016 user interface with ease
Work within SharePoint libraries to manage your documents
Use SharePoint lists to efficiently organize and access information
Apply custom settings to enhance your SharePoint experience
Take full advantage of SharePoint’s integration options with Microsoft Office
Curate your personal profile and newsfeed to boost your visibility on SharePoint

SharePoint 2016: Site Owner – 6 hours 4 minutes

This comprehensive SharePoint training course is designed to teach site owners how to create, configure, manage, and enhance SharePoint sites and content with ease and efficiency. We’ll outline site owner roles and responsibilities and guide you through the fundamentals of creating and modifying sites, libraries, lists, views, columns, content types, pages, and more. You’ll also learn how to manage security permissions, customize your sites with enhancements, and work with navigation and regional settings for a tailor-made user experience. This course provides a complete guide to using SharePoint 2016.

Prepare to skillfully execute your roles and responsibilities as a SharePoint site owner
Configure sites and subsites according to the needs and specifications of your workplace
Manage SharePoint content effectively and efficiently using best practices
Enhance your sites with customized pages and settings
Secure your SharePoint sites and content by managing permissions and groups