Virtual Meetings eLearning Bundle Course

Course Overview

This eLearning bundle consists of these 4 courses:

  • Proper Introductions: 02. Virtual Introductions
  • Leading a Virtual Meeting
  • Lead Meetings Remotely
  • Online Meeting Etiquette

Course Topics

Proper Introductions: 02. Virtual Introductions – 6 minutes

Business introductions don’t just happen in person anymore. You may need to introduce yourself and others via email or over the phone. Conference calls, video conference calls – what are the rules? Who introduces whom? How can you determine priority? What happens when someone is late? In this course, we’ll go over the correct way to make introductions in these virtual business settings. This includes managing conference calls with multiple people in the room, video conference call etiquette, and making proper email introductions.

Leading a Virtual Meeting – 10 minutes

Strengthen your leadership abilities by learning how to deliver a successful virtual meeting. This training course covers best practices for leading productive and engaging meetings, even at a distance. To begin, we will outline how to shift your meeting mindset to cultivate high levels of contribution and collaboration from participants. You’ll then learn how to develop Leader Meeting Guidelines to prepare for your virtual meetings and ensure they stay on track to deliver the desired result. We’ll also discuss how to assess the effectiveness of your meetings so you can refine your approach over time. By the end of this course, you will have developed practical skills for facilitating productive virtual meetings that drive performance.

Lead Meetings Remotely – 10 minutes

Adopt best practices when starting a remote meeting. Trigger attention and organize exchanges.

Online Meeting Etiquette – 25 minutes

If online meetings are run professionally and smoothly they can be a great use of people’s time and an essential part of collaborating. If they aren’t, they waste everyone’s time and can place critical projects in jeopardy. With more companies decentralized, meeting virtually is a core business skill everyone must develop. This course helps students learn the fundamental skills needed to succeed in online meetings.