Writing Skills eLearning Bundle Course

Course Overview

This eLearning bundle consists of these 4 courses:

  • Writing Basics: 01. Why Care About Writing
  • Better Business Writing
  • Business Writing: Being Effective
  • Put It in Writing: Writing Skills

Course Topics

Writing Basics: 01. Why Care About Writing – 6 minutes

Writing is one of our most important forms of communication. Most of us do quite a bit of writing daily without even realizing it. Whether it’s drafting emails, text messages, social media posts, or more in-depth pieces like proposals, writing well is a necessary skill. In this course, we’ll go over why having good writing skills is essential in business.

Better Business Writing – 45 minutes

Learn how to improve your business writing skills in this Better Business Writing course to help you increase productivity, avoid misunderstandings, and achieve success in the workplace. You’ll learn about the essential skills you need to write well and how to improve those skills. The course examines the importance of creating your own writing style, outlining methods for developing an effective one. It also guides you through standard formats of different types of written documents. Finally, you’ll discover how to implement the 5 components of the motivated sequence technique to write persuasively. The 45-minute course features video and audio narration for an engaging learning experience. It includes downloadable student materials including activities and a study guide, along with interactive labs to help you improve your knowledge.

Business Writing: Being Effective – 50 minutes

Enhance your writing skills with this professional training course outlining expert techniques for researching, writing, and revising pointed and polished business communications. We’ll cover formal and informal research methods, tips for generating ideas, and how to organize your data for clarity and impact. Once your ideas are ready to be written down, we will show you how to craft clear and compelling sentences and paragraphs, and edit your work for accuracy, grammar and syntax.

Put It in Writing: Writing Skills – 1 hour

Iove your writing skills and communicate your message more effectively. This course offers useful tips on how to express yourself clearly in work correspondence. Well-crafted written communication ensures you make a good impression when you can’t do so face-to-face.

The course Improving Your Written Communications includes 4 types of content that fall into the categories of Look, Think, Practice and Remember. These sections include videos, questions and a summary of key points. We will discuss the importance of defining why you are crafting the communication and what you hope it achieves. You’ll learn how to use a spider diagram to map your thoughts, and how to use clear and concise tone and an easy layout for maximum effect. In addition, we’ll explain how to review written work before sending it to avoid errors.