Impressively High Wage Rates for Academy Graduates in 2007!

December 21, 2007- Miami, Florida- Throughout the year, The Academy of South Florida has conducted several night IT programs for individuals seeking to achieve certification to launch their IT careers. Management at The Academy was recently notified that their hoursly wage rate for their graduates for FYE 2007 rounded out to $26.50/hour. This is an excellent rating across the board for individuals launching their careers within the IT industry.

One recent graduate stated that, “The Academy’s management truly takes into account each students questions and concerns with regards to launching a career within the IT industry.” The recent graduate was a very successful Real Estate Associate who changed his career due to the changing realestate market within South Florida.

“As more and more skilled workers leave South Florida to live in a more affordable area, Corporations within South Florida will have to pay more to individuals that contain the necessary skills to maintain today’s networks,” stated Andy M. Perez, VP of The Academy.

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