Microsoft TV (IPTV) is here!

Microsoft TV IPTV Edition is an integrated and comprehensive software platform developed specifically to deliver broadcast-quality video and new, integrated TV services over broadband networks. The platform combines market-leading features such as instant channel change (ICC) and multiple picture-in-picture (PIP) with traditional TV services such as broadcast programming, VOD, and DVR. The software is developed to integrate seamlessly and economically with other IP-based communications and media services for PCs, phones, and other consumer devices. Microsoft TV IPTV Edition is ideal for telecommunications carriers and for cable operators looking to deliver differentiated TV services and experiences.

Commercial trials of Microsoft TV IPTV Edition are complete or are in progress with leading broadband network operators around the world.

It’s Better TV, not “me too” TV.
Microsoft TV IPTV Edition enables new opportunities for delivering the differentiated TV experiences consumers want.

Robust Navigation
The multimedia Program Guide provides a unified user experience with integrated listings for broadcast and on-demand content, consistent navigation and search features, and picture-in-picture.

A Mini Guide provides a convenient way to browse guide listings without interrupting the show currently airing. Discretely displayed along the bottom of the screen, the Mini Guide shows comprehensive program information plus a real-time video stream for each show currently airing. Consumers can browse listings by shows currently airing, shows on next, and shows airing later.

Fast Channel Surfing
Patent-pending technology from Microsoft enables channel changing in a fraction of a second, effectively eliminating the delay associated with tuning channels in a digital system.

Integrated Video-On-Demand (VOD)
All content – including HDTV – can be distributed on a subscription or a pay-per-play basis with content promotion integrated into the user experience.

Increased Bandwidth Utilization
Windows Media® 9 Series advanced compression technology — a core component of the Microsoft TV IPTV Edition platform — delivers standard definition video at bit rates ranging between 1.5 and 1.8 Mbps (Megabits per second) and high definition programming ranging between 7 and 9 Mbps. That is as little as one half to one third of the bandwidth required by comparable MPEG-2 solutions.

Learn more about creating and distributing a high-quality IPTV experience with Windows Media Services.

Digital Video Recording
With an internal or external hard disk drive, customers can pause, fast-forward, and rewind live and recorded content. With IPTV Edition, multiple recordings can be made without the need for multiple tuners, so there is no need for costly hardware upgrades.

Management and Maintenance Software
IPTV Edition incorporates industry leading SQL Server, BizTalk® Server, Systems Management Server and Operations Management software, which help simplify the day-to-day management and maintenance of the IPTV solution.
Build Value With Connected Experiences.
Microsoft TV IPTV Edition is a comprehensive software solution that supports exciting new features, services, and experiences across devices in the home.

Connected Devices and Media
Provide simple, encrypted access from consumers’ TVs to photos, music, and video located anywhere on a home network. Enable consumers to review and record TV programming remotely via the Internet.

Connected Content, Applications, and Services
Capitalize on built-in Windows Media 9 Series compression and Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies to help deliver protected digital video, music, and game services to consumers through television set-top boxes and other devices, including hundreds of portable media products that support Windows Media technologies

Connected Communications
The Microsoft TV IPTV Edition platform enables operators to display caller ID information, instant messages, e-mail, or SMS on the TV — even notify consumers about TV schedule changes as they occur.

Connected Systems and Delivery
Use unified configuration, operation, and management tools and interfaces to manage legacy back-office systems. Integrate delivery of TV services with voice and data services over a common network architecture.