Azure Role-based Certifications Training

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Starting on December 31st, 2018 and continuing throughout 2019, Microsoft will introduce new role-based Certification for Azure.

As the expectations on what a Microsoft certification course covers has changed and a growing demand that reached beyond learning how to use technology to develop the needed skills for a specific job role. Microsoft has launched the following role-based certifications levels:


Requires the student to pass one exam


Requires the student to pass 2 Associate-level exams


Note: Expert level may requirements are dependent upon the credential.

Requires the student to pass 2 Expert level exams with no associate certification or
Achieving an associate-level certification and then a passing an Expert-level exam

The first 3 role-based Microsoft Certifications focus the job roles for:

In 2019 expect to see a range of certifications launching with Role-base in mind.

Role based certifications will be launched for Microsoft four stacks:

  • Applications & Infrastructure
  • Data & AI
  • Modern workplace
  • Business Apps