Placement Event at The Academy’s FTL Campus

We will be holding an exciting Job Placement Event at The Academy on Wednesday, December 10,2014 from 11:00am to 4:00pm. The schedule for this event is as follows:

11am – 12pm: Building your Resume
12pm – 1pm: Lunch
1pm – 2pm: Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile for Employment
2pm – 3pm: Preparing for an Interview
3pm – 4pm: Intro for IT Recruiters

From the Middle of the Pack to the Top of the Pile…High Performance Resumes

Recruiters get an average of 250 resumes per day for a single position. This means that in less than 30 seconds your resume MUST stand out. Most people have no idea why or how a resume is chosen or what it takes to create an amazing one.

You will discover what it takes to get your resume noticed including:

  • Why format matters and which formats work
  • The top elements every resume should have
  • The top 3 common mistakes that most professional resume writers make…But you won’t

Get in the door and get the job…High Performance Interviews

Did you know that most decision makers rarely interview more than 10 people? And that interviewing is the single most stressful and dreadful part of their job? If you could relieve the stress and make their decision easier, you improve your chances of getting the job exponentially.

You will uncover secrets to amazing interviews including:

How to get the interviewer on your side
What every interviewee should do before the interview and after…It’s not just cover letters and thank you notes
Answers to the thought questions…What they are really asking