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The New Microsoft® Official Course: Business Skills Series

In business today, success depends on productivity. Whether that means creating effective presentations, setting up projects, forecasting and analyzing trends, or managing critical business information, it is vital that your skills enable you to work at peak performance. You already know how to use Microsoft Office System applications. What you need is a way to use those applications to more efficiently manage, work with, and prioritize information to make better decisions and be more productive.

Introducing the Microsoft Official Course: Business Skills Series
The Microsoft Official Course: Business Skills Series combines training in both business and software skills, so you can do your job faster, smarter, and more effectively. Based on real-world scenarios and led by experienced instructors, these courses teach you how to improve your business skills using Microsoft applications.

To develop the Business Skills Series curriculum, Microsoft teamed up with business industry experts who know firsthand the challenges you face every day. These individuals are experts in their field, nationally known speakers, and engaging trainers who bring a rich and practical perspective to the material.