Deployment for Customer Engagement


Duration: 5 days

During this five-day boot camp student will learn the skills required to plan, design, and deploy customer engagement in Microsoft 365.

Lessons in the boot camp include minimum requirements and licensing details, deploying and working with Microsoft Dynamic 365 subscription and instances all over the world. Best practices regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates, details regarding new and exciting capabilities regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and PowerApps. This also included new and improved Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, and Mobile Clients.


*****To receive the Microsoft Certification for this boot camp, student will have to take and pass Microsoft exam MB2-715*****


Module 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics 364

  • Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Accessing Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Requirements
  • Planning Deployment
  • Import Data


Module 2: Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Subscriptions

  • Signing-up for a Subscription
  • Managing Users
  • Microsoft Online Services Administration


Module 3: Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Instances

  • Overview of Instances
  • Administration Mode
  • Working with Tenants
  • Managing Storage
  • Managing Administrative Email Notifications


Module 4: Managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrades

  • Update Policy
  • Customer Driven Upgrade Process


Module 5: Integration with other Microsoft Online Business Solutions

  • Integration with other Microsoft Online Business Solutions
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Social Engagement
  • Yammer, Office 365 groups


Module 6: Managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps

  • Introduction to My Apps
  • App Management
  • Getting more apps from AppSource
  • Overview of PowerApps


Module 7: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration with Microsoft

  • Overview of CRM for Outlook
  • Configure CRM for Outlook
  • Filed Synchronization Management
  • CRM App for Outlook


Module 8: Configure and Manage Mobile Devices

  • Mobile Device Apps
  • Exploring Mobile Only Configuration
  • Configure entities for mobile Apps


Module 9: Managing, Maintain and Troubleshoot your D365 Deployment.

  • Maintaining Performance
  • Troubleshooting Issues
  • Keeping your D365 up to date