UI Flow and Power Automate Level 1: Introduction


Duration: 2 days

During this two-day boot camp students will be introduced to UI Flows. this Power Automate provides Robotic Process automation Capabilities. Integrating UI Flows Permit with legacy desktop and web applications so that repetitive business processes can be automated and streamlined.

This boot camp is intended for business users who would like to automate their business processes using Microsoft Power Automate


It is recommended that students have solid knowledge or a good understanding of the process they would like to automate.


Module 1: Introduction to UI Flows

  • UI Flows Overview
  • When and Where to use UI Flows
  • Sitting up UI Flows
  • Setting up an on-premises gateway
  • Upgrading from Previous versions


Module 2: Create and test desktop UI Flows

  • Preparing the environment
  • Recording and editing steps
  • Recording and editing steps Using inputs and outputs
  • Creating and debugging a simple desktop flow


Module 3: Create and test Web UI Flows

  • Preparing the environment
  • Recording a Web UI Flow
  • Using Inputs and outputs
  • Editing a Web UI Flow


Module 4: Run attended and unattended UI Flows

  • Preparing the environment
  • Attended UI Flows
  • Unattended UI Flows
  • Running Flows Sequentially
  • Running Flows Concurrently


Module 5: Manage UI Flows

  • Viewing your Flows
  • Auditing your Flows


Module 6: Integration with other products

  • Power Apps
  • AI Builder
  • WinAutomation