Health & Wellbeing eLearning Bundle Course

Course Overview

This eLearning bundle consists of these 5 courses:

  • Deskercises: 04. Legs and Backside, While Sitting
  • Be Active
  • Mental Health – Depression & Low Mood
  • Practical Wellbeing
  • Healthy Practices: Nutrition, Exercise, and Safety

Course Topics

Deskercises: 04. Legs and Backside, While Sitting – 2 minutes

In this course, you’ll learn simple exercises you can do while seated in your chair which target your legs and backside. Research shows that sitting improperly at your desk for large periods of time can be detrimental to your health, but by giving your body an opportunity to stretch you’ll see an improvement in your blood circulation, mobility, and balance. Fitting in these short exercises during your day can also improve your overall feeling of wellness and make you more productive.

Be Active – 5 minutes

It can be difficult to stick to your exercise goals at work. This course offers useful tips to help you stay active during office hours. First, you’ll learn about the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. Then, you’ll discover effective strategies you can use to break up those long periods of sitting at your desk. You’ll also learn how you can sneak physical activity into your daily commute to get fit faster.

Mental Health – Depression & Low Mood – 15 minutes

We’ve all felt low at some point. The stresses of modern life can do that to the best of us. But depression is a different beast altogether. If you have suffered or do suffer from depression, then you’ll understand how hard it is to seek help. You see, that’s one of the ironies of this horrific mental illness. It ‘fogs up’ your brain and clouds your vision so that you don’t see the help available or the point in accepting that help.

That’s where this course comes in. Understanding depression is the first step to recovering from it. Whether it’s you that’s suffering, or you suspect that your friend or relative is, this course is an aid to diagnosis, treatment and recovery. We’re not claiming it will cure you. But it’s going to help you on your way down that road. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and we’ll be at the side of the road passing you water as you go.

Practical Wellbeing – 30 minutes

Learn how to build a stronger sense of wellbeing and tolerance for stress. This course is designed to help you reduce stress and improve relationships. We will introduce you to a number of stress-relief techniques that will help you get a better handle some of the pressures of work. You’ll learn the value of prioritizing, extending kindness to others, and taking care of yourself both mentally and physically.

After completing this course, you will gain useful skills to help you reduce your stress levels and handle inevitable stress better. These stress tolerance techniques will help improve your relationships and your overall wellbeing.

Healthy Practices: Nutrition, Exercise, and Safety – 35 minutes

Transform your daily routine to stay healthy, happy, and safe on the job with this training course offering simple, achievable strategies you can start today. In this course, we’ll explore basic guidelines for boosting your overall health and optimizing your productivity in the workplace. You’ll learn 5 steps to being more nutrition-conscious and how to take an effective, slow-and-steady approach to exercise. We will also review common-sense policies for on-the-job safety. The 35-minute course begins with a short self-assessment so you can evaluate your current healthy living status. Informative, self-paced video lessons with audio narration will then guide you through valuable health tips and advice. A final online test offers the opportunity to review what you’ve learned and assess your comprehension of the course material.