Phenomenal success in The Academy MCSE 2003 + Security Bootcamp

Miami, Florida, August 26, 2005 – The Academy achieved a milestone, “Unheard of in the IT training industry – a 99.13% success ratio” for exams needed to achieve the MCSE certification for its July – August 2005 batch. Once again, the combination of sincere students, dedicated instructors and state of art facilities produced profound results.

Andy M. Perez, CFO , The Academy commented – “staying focused on high quality standards for our instructors and training facilities is proving beneficial in achieving our mission, to equip students with professional certifications and strong technical knowledge”.

According to Eddie Davis , Director of Education, “A bootcamp runs 10 hours a day! To successfully obtain MCSE certification, you need three things: a can-do attitude, a suitable environment, and sound information. More hours, more learning, more skills! This huge advantage is unique to The Academy’s bootcamps”“.

The Academy uses Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) to ensure that students walk away with real hands-on knowledge and know-how that the industry demands. With the experience of The Academy’s instructors from the classroom and the real-world, there simply isn’t a better program for an IT professional to attend to increase his/her value in the market place!

“At the Academy, we believe that all students deserves MORE than just an MCSE certificate. We believe that we owe our students a tremendous learning experience. All that our students need focus on is learning; we take care of the rest”. Added – Christopher M. Perez, Program Director.

About The Academy

The Academy is a company dedicated to improving organizations through the use of information technology. Founded in 1999, The Academy has grown to become one of Florida’s leading technology education providers, offering high-end technical training in Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, CompTIA and more.

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