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Recent Academy Graduates in 2008 continue to raise hourly wage rates bar!

March 5, 2008- Improving conditions within South Florida’s Information Technology sector is clearly evident with the continued increase of hourly wages that recent Academy students achieve after graduation in 2008! In a press release posted on December 21, 2007 (press release ), the average hourly wage rate for The Academy’s graduates rounded off to $26.50/hour. Within the last two months of 2008, recent graduates from The Academy’s IT programs have increased that average to $30.50/hour. This includes two hirees within the last 7 days that received hourly wage rates of $50/hour and $37/hour, respectively. Additionally, both hirees were employed by global institutions with the potential to work outside of the United States in the future. This could only be achieved by The Academy’s graduates ability to receive globally recognized credentials to further increase their market value.

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