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The Academy’s New EC-Council’s E-Business and IT Security Courses


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Andy M. Perez
The Academy

The Academy launches EC-Council’s:

Network Security Design (Exam 312-38)
Disaster Recovery (Exam 212-76)
Customer Relationship Management (Exam 212-16)
Project Management (Exam 212-79)
Cyber Law (Exam 212-61)

Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 13, 2005 – The Academy, a leader in Cisco and Microsoft IT network certification training, today announced that it is offering the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants’ (EC-Council) training programs to its public and private sector customers.

“These courses target system administrators, network security analysts, IT professionals and lawyers whose number one concern in securing their networks and clients against external attacks,” said Christopher Perez, Director of The Academy. “We chose EC-Council’s programs because it trains IT professionals to think ‘outside of the box’ by employing the same tools and techniques as the intruders to help overcome any potential threats. At the end of the course Students will walk away with the skills to protect their client’s networks, as well as the respective certification.”

Students interested in obtaining these certifications or the existing CEH Ethical Hacker Bootcamp Certification can view the upcoming schedule and available locations.

About The Academy

The Academy is a company dedicated to improving organizations through the use of information technology. Founded in 1999, The Academy has grown to become one of Florida’s leading technology education providers, offering high-end technical training in Microsoft, Authorized Cisco, EC-Council, CompTIA and more.

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