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EC-Council Initiatives

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council®) is a member driven international organisation of academicians, industry practitioners and professionals from the e-Business domain. Members include practitioners from all levels of various fields and in a broad range of industries. These include specialised areas such as academics and education, information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, financial, communications, and government.

EC-Council provides professional certification and facilitates peer interaction to build and enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of its members. EC-Council offers several options for aspiring and practicing Electronic Commerce professionals to internalise and draw on skills identified as essential web industry standard for Electronic Commerce.

The EC-Council member body has representatives from Microsoft Corporation, IBM Global Services, Xerox, SONY, Motorola, Quantum Research, Cisco, Verizon among others. Having forged an international communications network throughout the industry, EC-Council is focused on positioning itself as the global voice of e-Business professionals.

EC-Council certification portal to be launched in February 2006
Web portal specially meant for EC-Council certification holders will be available in February 2006 . It is a community made of dynamic and international group of IT professionals, from all ages, races and backgrounds. Members will have the opportunities to participate in forums, download hacking and network tools, get the latest security news update from EC-Council and more.

Membership to this portal shall be made available for free to all present and future EC-Council Certified Professionals.

About The Academy
The Academy is a company dedicated to improving organizations through the use of information technology. Founded in 1999, The Academy has grown to become one of Florida’s leading technology education providers, offering high-end technical training in Microsoft, Cisco, Liniux, CompTIA and more. The Academy is currently the only EC-Council Accredited Training Center within Miami, Florida.

For additional information, contact Andy M. Perez, Vice President, at 1-800-ITACADEMY, or email at